Pet Tips

Own food?

Some people wonder if changing a dogs food will upset their stomachs.  Well I will tell you what happens when you change  your pets food. Lets start of with your diet. If you eat nothing but chicken, rice, and grains for three months, then you suddenly start eating steak, vegetables, and potatoes, your stomach is going to flip and turn, while your body tries to figure out how to digest this new substance. In the meantime your going to get an upset stomach and probably some diarrhea, you may even vomit.


Well your dog is the same way. When you buy a dog food, pay close attention to the ingredients. If you start your dog on chicken and rice, your going to want to stick with that food. And there are more than one brand that use the same ingredients, but that doesn’t mean your dog will react the same to that food. If your dog has a problem with a food that you are feeding, don’t just jump into another food. You need to gradually introduce the new food by adding a small amount of the new to the old. Say your dog is eating one cup twice a day, then you will want to give ¾ cup of the old and ¼ cup of the new for the first day. Gradually add the new to the old until the new food Is all that you are feeding. By doing this your dogs body slowly learns to digest the new substance a little bit at a time, which will greatly lessen the chance of diarrhea.


Learn your dog before you board, so you know how sensitive his stomach is to digest a different food. If your dog is very sensitive you may need to send your dogs food to the boarding facility when he/she is gong to be staying. If your dog is “made of steel” then you probably don’t need to worry about what your boarding facility feeds.

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